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Welcome to Anthropology of food, the webjournal dedicated to the social sciences of food. Anthropology of food is an open access multilingual academic journal (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese). Since 1999, this journal has been edited by an international network of academic researchers sharing a common intellectual interest in the field of social sciences and food.


- Book reviews, summer 2015

• Call for paper: Food Heritage and Culinary Practices

International and interdisciplinary symposium, October 14-16th 2015

National Museum of Natural History, PARIS


S9-Ritual foods/ Comidas rituales
edited by Anath Ariel de Vidas, Aline Hémond et Anuschka Van't Hooft

S10-Explorations in cross-national comparison of food practices
edited by Isabelle Darmon et Alan Warde

Latest issue
S10 | 2014
Explorations in cross-national comparison of food practices

Explorations de la comparaison trans-nationale des pratiques alimentaires